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Persian / Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

During the past 3 years, Persian and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty has become a major component of my practice. This change was due to 3 factors: surgical commitment, natural results, and patient referrals for Persian and Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach. It has been said that one of the largest Middle Eastern, and specifically Persian, communities outside of the Middle East is in Southern California. I have a specific passion and expertise for rhinoplasty in these patients because they offer special challenges. In doing this, it became obvious that the Middle Eastern nose is different anatomically and aesthetically from the Caucasian nose. In addition, there are differences between different ethnicities within the Middle East itself. This year (2017), Dr. Kosins has been invited to speak in Saudi Arabia on special techniques for getting tip definition in Middle Eastern patients with thick skin.

The Rhinoplasty Center Newport Beach CA Persian / Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty - Before and After Patient #2From speaking with Middle Eastern and Persian patients, it has become clear that the new generation wants a “natural nose” without signs of surgery – no scooped bridge, no pinched tip, no “pig nose”, and no visible nostrils. It is important to understand how much change each patient wants in his or her nose. In discussing your goals, I will hand you a mirror so you can explain what 3 things you want to be fixed. The most common complaints of Middle Eastern/Persian patients requesting rhinoplasty are bump on profile, lack of tip definition, and a nose that is overall too large for the face. I am also very interested in seeing pictures of noses that you like. Importantly, we will go over dozens of before and after photographs with you to view other patients who have similar problems/goals. No matter how great the change, the results of a Middle Eastern or Persian rhinoplasty must be natural – you should live your life with a beautiful nose that has no sign(s) of having an operation.

In order to achieve superior results for your rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, it is important to understand how generations of patients ended up with noses that look fake, which was common in the 1970s and 1980s. Overall, surgeons made errors in judgment and this was especially true for Persian and Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. Surgeons were accustomed to removing cartilage to create more definition in the nose. The problem is that patients of Middle Eastern and Persian descent have thick skin and very weak cartilage. Surgeons resected as much cartilage as possible and the skin then lacked a good structure to contract around. With this kind of rhinoplasty, it is not uncommon to see noses with a pinched tip, over-rotated tip, and/or collapsed nostrils.  Thus, innovative and unique operative techniques for suturing (instead of removing) the tip cartilage were devised to reserve structure and to create true definition. With these progressive techniques, I can achieve the refined, naturally cute nose that my patients want. Over the last decade, our patients who are happy with their natural, yet refined noses have told their family members, friends, and co-workers, which has led to a dramatic increase in the number of Persian and Middle Eastern patients in the practice. Newport Beach and The Rhinoplasty Center have certainly become the specialized center for Persian and Middle Eastern rhinoplasty.

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